The Civil War Letters of Galutia York

Galutia York was the oldest son of a farm family from Hubbardsville, New York. When President Lincoln called for 300,000 volunteers in the summer of 1862, Galutia enlisted in the Union Army. He was 19 years old when he mustered into Company G of the 114th New York State Volunteer Infantry. On September 6, 1862, the 114th left Norwich, in Chenango County, for Binghamton, and from there they went to Baltimore, Maryland. They served in the VIII Corps in the Defence of Baltimore until early November when the regiment sailed for Fort Monroe at the mouth of the James River in Virginia. When General Banks' Expedition was formed in December, the 114th sailed for New Orleans, Louisiana. Galutia stayed behind at Chesapeake Hospital until February of 1863. At that time he rejoined his comrades in Louisiana. Galutia died on May 20, 1863, in Berwick City. He had never been in a shooting battle, but the enemy he fought was just as deadly as any Rebel sharpshooter - disease.

1996 - Awarded Certificate of Commendation,
American Association for State and Local History

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