114th NYSV, Regimental Archive

114th NYSV, Company B Roster

from the Muster-In Roll, September 3, 1862

Norwich, New York


NAME                 RANK         AGE   ENROLLED AT

BOCKEE, Jacob S.     Capt         22
NICHOLS, Lauron M.   1st Lt       35
GIBSON, Edwin O.     2d Lt        22

BALLOU, George       1st Sgt      28    Norwich     MW 6-17-63
GALE, Horace         Sgt          26    Norwich     d. 11-24-63
BULLIS, William M.   Sgt          31    Norwich
GAGER, Orlow C.      Sgt          30    New Berlin
WOOD, Orrin E.       Sgt          32    Norwich

ISBELL, George W.    Cpl          29    Norwich     d. 9-22-63
WISWELL, Thos. S.    Cpl          44    New Berlin  d. 6-10-63
GALE, Lemuel         Cpl          30    Norwich
SAYLES, Madison      Cpl          26    Norwich
COLE, Robert E.      Cpl          22    Norwich
ROOD, Perry          Cpl          21    Norwich
HAWLEY, George E.    Cpl          21    New Berlin
BOSWORTH, Jonathan   Cpl          25    Pharsalia

DAIN, Charles W.     Musician     33    Norwich
EGLESTON, Samuel Z.  Musician     29    Norwich
ADAMS, Charles       Wagoner      40    Plymouth

AGARD, George        Pvt          42    New Berlin  d. 6-17-65
ALDRICH, Emer H.     Pvt          29    Pharsalia
AMES, Franklin       Pvt          18    Norwich
BENTLEY, David H.    Pvt          18    Norwich
BLACKMAN, Foster J.  Pvt          22    Norwich
BECKWITH, Joshua     Pvt          19    McDonough   d. 2-12-63
BOWERS, William W.   Pvt          20    N. Norwich
BROWNELL, James A.   Pvt          19    Norwich
BAKER, John B.       Pvt          33    Greene
BECKWITH, La Fayette Pvt          36    McDonough   d. 10-5-63
BOSWORTH, Walter S.  Pvt          27    Pharsalia
BREED, Joseph L.     Pvt          44    Pharsalia   d. 8-1-63
BUNT, John H.        Pvt          30    New Berlin  d. 2-16-63
BURCH, Isaac         Pvt          24    Norwich     KIA Cedar Creek
CHURCH, Ira          Pvt          18    New Berlin
CARPENTER, Cyrel     Pvt          18    Plymouth    KIA 9-19-64
CADY, Charlton C.    Pvt          28    Pitcher
CASEY, Dennis L.     Pvt          24    Norwich
DAVIS, Ira A.        Pvt          25    New Berlin  d. 7-8-63
DODGE, Ira           Pvt          36    Pharsalia
DAVIS, John J.       Pvt          31    Norwich     d. 8-3-63
DOYLE, George        Pvt          18    Norwich
EVANS, Isaac         Pvt          19    Plymouth
EDMONS, Samuel F.    Pvt          25    Norwich
EDWARDS, Solomon J.  Pvt          42    New Berlin
FARRELL, John D.     Pvt          35    Norwich
FISH, Franklin W.    Pvt          29    Norwich
FELTON, Joseph H.    Pvt          18    Norwich
FRINK, Orville       Pvt          26    Norwich
GRANTHAM, George     Pvt          27    
HENRY, Albert        Pvt          20    Norwich
HUNT, Charles W.     Pvt          19    New Berlin
HENRY, Patrick       Pvt          41    Norwich
HOUGH, Daniel        Pvt          21    Norwich
HUNTLEY, Francis M.  Pvt          21    Pharsalia   d. 7-31-63
HUNTLEY, William A.  Pvt          26    Pharsalia
HAYES, Edward        Pvt          19    Norwich
HOPKINS, Cyrus Jr.   Pvt          34    Norwich
JACKSON, Wm. W.      Pvt          24    New Berlin  d. 9-19-62
LEACH, Horace T.     Pvt          26    New Berlin
LEWIS, Theodore      Pvt          23    Pharsalia
LOUT, Edwin R.       Pvt          19    Plymouth    d. 11-11-63
LEACH, Stephen N.    Pvt          24    New Berlin
LEMLEY, Seneca       Pvt          40    Norwich     d. 10-3-64
MUNROE, Israel       Pvt          25    Plymouth
MUNROE, Samuel 3d    Pvt          21    Plymouth
MORGAN, Henry        Pvt          19    Norwich     d. 2-16-64
MILLER, John E.      Pvt          26    Norwich
MUNROE, Charles      Pvt          19    Plymouth    d. 6-27-63
MUNROE, Orlando      Pvt          18    Norwich
NICHOLS, John        Pvt          22    Pharsalia   KIA 9-19-64
NELSON, John Jr.     Pvt          18    Norwich
NEWTON, Hezekiah     Pvt          20    Norwich     KIA 9-13-64
NEWELL, Loren D.     Pvt          20    Norwich
PECK, Andrew         Pvt          19    Norwich     d. 10-18-63
PECK, Thomas         Pvt          18    Norwich     d. 9-26-63
PORTER, David        Pvt          31    New Berlin  deserted 2-15-63
PENDALL, David E.    Pvt          36    Norwich
PHILLIPS, Harrison   Pvt          23    Norwich
POTTER, Orrin        Pvt          33    Norwich
SARGEANT, Sylvester C. Pvt        29    New Berlin
SCOTT, Henry D.      Pvt          21    Norwich     d. 11-19-62
SNOW, Orson M.       Pvt          26    Norwich
SPRINGER, Perry      Pvt          24    Norwich
SQUIRES, Jonathan V. Pvt          24    N. Norwich  d. 1-1-63
SQUIRES, Sylvester   Pvt          18    N. Norwich  d. 9-4-63
SUMNER, Albert       Pvt          23    Pharsalia
SUMNER, Charles A.   Pvt          18    Pharsalia
SARGEANT, Squire R.  Pvt          36    Norwich
SAWTEL, Edwin I.     Pvt          21    New Berlin
SATCHELL, Job        Pvt          42    Norwich
TOWNSEND, Eleazer W. Pvt          43    New Berlin
TYLER, Colonel       Pvt          28    New Berlin
TYLER, Delos         Pvt          32    New Berlin
WOLCOTT, Martin      Pvt          42    Norwich
WATSON, Adrian L.    Pvt          27    Norwich
WEST, John D.        Pvt          24    Pitcher     d. 6-14-63
WHEELER, Rathbone G. Pvt          20    Pharsalia   MW 7-3-63
WILLCOX, William     Pvt          39    Norwich     drowned 6-17-63
WOOD, Josiah A.      Pvt          19    Plymouth
WESTON, Wm. T.       Pvt          32    New Berlin
WRENCH, John W.      Pvt          31    New Berlin

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