114th NYSV, Regimental Archive

114th NYSV, Company G Roster

from the Muster-In Roll, September 3, 1862

Norwich, New York


NAME                   RANK            AGE    ENROLLED AT

TUCKER, Charles E.	Capt            21    Hamilton
UNDERHILL, Charles W.	Lt		22    Hamilton
SEARLE, Homer W.	Lt		18    Leonardsville

SUNNY, Charles F.	Orderly		21    Stockbridge
CORBIN, Henry P.        Sgt             21    Hamilton
ALLIS, Jerry P.         Sgt             27    Brookfield
NICHOLS, Albert A.      Sgt             18    Hamilton
MURPHY, James P.        Sgt             21    Brookfield

RHODES, Charles W.      Cpl             18    Hamilton
KINNEY, Daniel W.       Cpl             30    Brookfield
LAMPSON, Nathan Jr.     Cpl             22    Hamilton
DUNHAM, George W.       Cpl             19    Hamilton
WALTERS, James C.       Cpl             22    Stockbridge
BABCOCK, George W.      Cpl             25    Brookfield
BRAND, Harrison         Cpl             20    Brookfield
DAVIS, William N.       Cpl             18    Brookfield

WRIGHT, Amasa A.        Musician        18    Brookfield
MURPHY, M. Jerome       Musician        23    Brookfield
LAMUNION, Elbridge      Wagoner         22    Stockbridge

ALDERMAN, Denio T.      Pvt             28    Hamilton
BABCOCK, De Albert      Pvt             18    Brookfield
BABCOCK, James W.       Pvt             23    Brookfield
BABCOCK, Porter         Pvt             33    Norwich
BALDWIN, Simeon D.      Pvt             35    Brookfield
BARRETT, John H.        Pvt             18    Stockbridge
BATES, Albert S.        Pvt             34    Hamilton
BEEBE, Francis M.       Pvt             21    Hamilton
BELFIELD, Samuel        Pvt             33    Brookfield
BENNETT, Samuel J.      Pvt             22    Brookfield
BLAKEMAN, M.J.          Pvt             23    Hamilton
BRAND, Samuel B.        Pvt             44    Brookfield
BRAND, John F.          Pvt             18    Brookfield
BROOKS, Frank           Pvt             22    Hamilton
BROWN, Holland T.       Pvt             22    Brookfield
BROWN, Burton           Pvt             22    Stockbridge
BURDICK, Matthew R.     Pvt             44    Brookfield
BURLESON, Ira J.        Pvt             21    Stockbridge
BUTLER, Albert E.       Pvt             18    Stockbridge
BURCH, Wm. C.           Pvt             24    Brookfield
CAHALAN, James          Pvt             18    Hamilton
CHEESEBROUGH, J. Albert Pvt             22    Brookfield
CHEESEBRO, Henry A.     Pvt             30    Brookfield
CHEESEBROUGH, Herbert   Pvt             18    Brookfield
COAKLEY, Wm. W.         Pvt             23    Hamilton
COLLIER, J.R.           Pvt             20    Brookfield
CLARK, Augustus         Pvt             27    Norwich
CLARK, Ray G.           Pvt             24    Brookfield
CLARK, Duane L.         Pvt             22    Brookfield
CRANDALL, J.L.          Pvt             18    Brookfield
DAVEY, George           Pvt             29    Hamilton
DAVIS, Philander        Pvt             38    Norwich
DODGE, H.N.             Pvt             24    Brookfield
DUNN, James             Pvt             19    Brookfield
ELPHICK, Wallace        Pvt             20    Hamilton
FISK, Alberto           Pvt             18    Hamilton
FLYNN, Peter            Pvt             37    Brookfield
FRENCH, J.I.            Pvt             21    Brookfield
FALFORD, Lucian N.      Pvt             28    Brookfield
FALFORD, Ransom J.      Pvt             24    Brookfield
GATES, Uri              Pvt             18    Brookfield
GILBERT, George F.      Pvt             29    Brookfield
HARDENBURG, Wm. H.      Pvt             22    Brookfield
HAYES, George W.        Pvt             25    Hamilton
HALUIG, Isaac W.        Pvt             39    Brookfield
HINMAN, Palmer          Pvt             18    Stockbridge
HORRIGAN, Michael       Pvt             27    Stockbridge
HOLMES, Albert J.       Pvt             19    Hamilton
HOWARD, Warren H.       Pvt             21    Brookfield
KENNY, Otis             Pvt             44    Hamilton
LAWES, Richard          Pvt             32    Norwich
LOOMIS, David C.        Pvt             32    Hamilton
LOOMIS, Orange E.       Pvt.            21    Hamilton
LORD, J. Wallace        Pvt             31    Brookfield
MAIN, Dorr H.           Pvt             21    Brookfield
MAIN, Garrett S.        Pvt             18    Brookfield
MOORE, Charles          Pvt             23    Brookfield
MORSE, Albert           Pvt             20    Hamilton
MORGAN, J. Wesley       Pvt             24    Brookfield
NILES, Dan W.           Pvt             32    Hamilton
PARKER, Asa             Pvt             28    Brookfield
POTTER, William         Pvt             18    Hamilton
ROOT, George L.         Pvt             21    Hamilton
SANDERS, Francis M.     Pvt             19    Hamilton
SAWDEY, Andrew J.       Pvt             22    Hamilton
SHEPARDSON, Colson      Pvt             23    Hamilton
STONE, Chas. H.         Pvt             21    Hamilton
SMITH, Theo. L.         Pvt             41    Eaton
ST. JOHN, Elijah        Pvt             26    Brookfield
THOMPSON, Chas. E.      Pvt             18    Hamilton
TYLER, George W.        Pvt             31    Hamilton
TUTTLE, Stephen         Pvt             42    Hamilton
VIDLEAR, Edward H.      Pvt             19    Brookfield
WATSON, Chas. H.        Pvt             18    Brookfield
WEBB, Lafayette         Pvt             35    Hamilton
WEBB, Thomas H.         Pvt             27    Norwich
WELCH, Patrick          Pvt             23    Brookfield
WELCH, William          Pvt             23    Stockbridge
WOODS, Leroy B.         Pvt             21    Hamilton
WHOLIHAN, John          Pvt             27    Stockbridge
WHOLIHAN, Edward        Pvt             22    Stockbridge
YORK, Galusha           Pvt             19    Hamilton

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