The Problem with General Sumner's Grave Site.

General Sumner died in 1863, and his final resting place is on a hill in historic Oakwood Cemetery in Syracuse, NY. The picturesque site, part of the Teall family plot, looks out over the city of Syracuse.

From a distance, nothing seems out of order. A recent evaluation of the site, however, revealed a number of structural problems. The main concern is the condition of the foundation. Cracks and a weakened base threaten the entire structure.

The headstones of the General and his wife, Hannah, are tilted, indicating that parts of the understructure are sinking. Sections of the 130 year-old concrete are crumbling. Action is needed now to protect the entire structure.

The material under the headstones is crumbling.

Another view of the crumbling.

Because of the crumbling, the headstones are tilted.

The entire foundation is out of alignment.

Maintained by Sue Greenhagen.