New York Soldiers
buried in Michigan

Thanks to Max Merry, who, while walking around his local cemeteries, found the gravesites of these New Yorkers. Also, thanks to Brett MacDonald for submitting the Michigan gravesite of his ggggrandfather in Midland County, to Russell Tuttle for information on his great grandfather in Shiawassee County, and to Rob Klemish. Recently, Judy Allen submitted the gravesite of her grandfather, Walter Pettit, in Clare, MI.
New information is added as it becomes available...

Forest Hill Cemetery, Evart, Michigan:
Louis A. BISBEE		Co. B	12th NY Cavalry
Peter MINOR		Co. ?	92d NYSV
Wm. PHILLIPS		Co. H	12th NY Cavalry
Frank'n TUBBS		Co. G	1st NY Light Artillery
W.H. VROHMAN		Co. H	161st NYSV

Highland View Cemetery, Big Rapids, Mecosta County, Michigan:
Albert D. AYERS		Co. E	24th NY Cavalry
Walter D. MARKS, Sgt.	Battery G, 6th NYHA     	1842-1914
Lorenzo CURTIS, Cpl.	Co. H	14th NYHA
Calvin MAYNARD		Co. D	75th NYSV
Peter  McTAGGART			2d NYSV
Richard RUSSELL		Co. H	108th NYSV
Franklin E. OSBURN	Co. B	109th NYSV
Joseph J. EVERHART	Co. D	9th NYHA		1843-1921

Crapo Cemetery, Paris, Mecosta Co., Michigan:
John P. KNUPPENBURG	Co. G	5th NY Cavalry

Orient Twp. Cemetery, Sears, Osceola Co., Michigan:

Maple Hill Cemetery, Leroy, Osceola Co., Michigan:
Henry WORDEN, Cpl.		21st NYLA

Homer Township Cemetery, Midland County, Michigan:
James Ramsdell SWARTHOUT   Co. H, 68th NYSV         1835-1894

Easton Cemetery, Shiawassee County, Michigan:
Spencer J. TUTTLE, Cpl.   19th NY Light Artillery   6/15/35-6/22/99
   born in the Town of Alabama, Genesee County, NY

Forestlawn Cemetery:
John N. SKINNER		Co. B 117th NYSV
Wickman BROADHEAD      	Co. F 56th NYSV			Liberty
V. M. CROMWELL (Sgt.) 	Co. F 54th NYSV
Benjamin SIMMONS      	Co. B 3rd NY Cavalry
A. DeLAUREN          	Co. K 24th NY Cavalry
W. C. COOK            	Co. W 22d  NY Cavalry
L.J. GLAZIER (Sgt.)	Co. C 105th NYSV
Wm. MOLLER           	Co. I 1st  NY Light Artillery
Anson CALLISON     	Co. A 3d NY Heavy Artillery
George S. KELLOGG   	Co. B 12th NY Cavalry
Thomas HEGEMAN     	Co. E 13th NYSV			Rochester
C. F. SHELDON        	Co. M 14th NY Heavy Artillery
William DOAK         	Co. H 48th NYSV
Peter MALLETT       	Co. H 98th NYSV
M. J. MOORE         	Co. A 35th NYSV
Joseph GILBERT       	Co. F 142d NYSV
W. F. THOMPSON      	Co. A 102d NY Cavalry
Miles W. MESERVEY     	Co. H 160th NYSV		Wellsville
C. A. REYNOLDS     	Co. C 11th NY Cavalry
Perry REDOUT         	Co. C 16th NY Heavy Artillery
Milon OTIS (Sgt.)  	Co. D 50th NY Engineers
H. A. SMITH         	Co. L 10th NY Heavy Artillery
Aaron VanINWAGEN   	Co. B 111th NYSV
Joseph H. JOHNSON   	Co. H 24th NY Cavalry
Paskel TEBO          	Co. M 10th NY Heavy Artillery
Gordon T. CONVERSE   	Co. B 20th NY Cavalry
Duane CHAPMAN      	Co. B 91st NYSV
Thomas W. WOOD       	Co. C 193d NYSV
John HERDON        	Co. F 104th NYSV
Arvis B. SWEET    	Co. C 110th NYSV
Wm. CARL            	Co. K 50th NY Engineers
George B. CORBIN 	Co. H 2d NY Heavy Artillery
Charles H. BOVEE      	Unassigned 50th NY Engineers	Catlin
John MAHONEY (Cpl.) 	Co. F 97th NYSV
Paul PREMO           	Co. F 1st NY Light Artillery	Volney

Cherry Grove Cemetery, Clare, Michigan:
Walter D. PETTIT        Battery B, 1st NYLA

Highland Township, Oakland County:

 Highland Cemetery:
 BABCOCK, James, 1841-1888, Co. E, 3d NY Cavalry, enlisted at Albany
 BALL, William F., 1838-1913, Co. E, 3d NY Cavalry, enlisted at Albany
 MILLS, Abraham E., 1844-1904, Co A, 179th NYSV, enlisted at Chemung
 SEARLES, Hiram, 1838-1899, Cpl., Co. H, 8th NYHA, Co. K, 4th NYLA
   enlisted at Pembroke

 West Highland Cemetery:
 ALLEN, Charles W., 1843-1901, Co. D, 75th NYSV, enlisted at Onondaga
 MILLS, George W., 1846-1910, Sgt., Co. A, 179th NYSV, enlisted at Middletown

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