The Reminiscences of
Anna P. Erving,
a Union Nurse
"On the Field at Antietam"

Biographical information on Mrs. Erving.
Erving, Anna P. Reminiscences of the Life a Nurse in Field, Hospital and Camp during the Civil War. Newburgh, NY: Daily News, 1904, page 48.

  "On the afternoon of the 17th of Septem-
ber, 18--, at about 5 o'clock, the ambulance
corps came to a good farmer's house and
was given something to eat. With the
women and girls, taking everything that
could be of any use, we went out to do what
we could to relieve the sufferings of the
wounded and dying. We got very near the
Dunkard or Menonite Church, but the
shrieks and moans of the poor fellows who
had been wounded were too much for us, so
we were ordered to retreat. My compan-
ions were made deathly sick by the scenes
around them, so I was left alone. I braced
myself for the task and at sunrise I was on
the spot. As many as could be put into the
little church were carried there and attend-
ed to at once. The church was not very
large--in fact only a common school house.
The majority had to lie on the field until
cars arrived to carry them to my camp. Be-
fore this the flag of truce--the white flag--
had come, and immediately after this the
wounded of both sides were carried off the
field and the dead buried.

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