Morris Harrington Civil War Letters

Transcribed from a photocopy of a Letter addressed to "James J. Harrington, Olcott, Niag. Co., N.Y." I have left misspellings, but have inserted punctuation for easier reading. Some words, names, etc. were illegible in the original. I have made my best guess and inserted notes in those cases. Envelope: 3 x 5 approx., right end torn off, embossing on left: jowled officer holding U. S. flag in right hand -- looks like 36 stars visible. Caption: BRAVE IN THE FIELD WISE IN COUNCIL A TRUE PATRIOT LOYAL TO THE CONSTITUTION & UNION Note Paper: Thin red border at top, thin blue border on right. Top left: engraving of A. Jackson, looks like to me. Caption: Brave in the Field---Wise in Council---a true Patriot ---Loyal to the Constitution and Union. The letter is as follows:

Camp near Poolesville, MD. Nov 30 1861
Dear Brother,
I received your letter this morning(.) it found me well and I hope these
few lines will find you all the same(.) I received a letter from
George and Homer also a paper but I have received only one paper from
you(.) when you send a paper write your name on it and send a County
paper(.) I saw Blondon last Sunday and he was well but I do
not know how soon I will see him again for we are out of Banks Division
and in Stones(.) they are at Harristown and we are at Poolesville
about 9 miles aparrt and they are long ones in this Country (.) We
left for Poolsville last thursday [note: possibly "tuesday"] and
arrived their that night and pitched our tents in mud a foot deep(.)
it made a soft bed to sleep(.) the next day we carried our tents into
the woods and pitched them among the rocks(.) I did not have one
feather for a pillow as the Irishman did that thought they were so
hard to sleep on but we have plenty of blankets to keep us warm it
being not very cold(.) it snowed just enough to say snow that is
all(.) I expect it is cold up their is it not(?) we moved here for
winter Quarters but the Major says he will not stay here so we expect
to move again next week(.) where we do not know nor care iff(sic) we
can only get away from Major Mi__ [note: unreadable --- could be "Ming,"
"Mif," "Mis," "Miq," "Mig"] our Majors name is Sens's [note: could be
"Seus's," "Seris's"](.) he was in the battle of Bulls Run(.) he is
firstrate(.) he knows what it is(.) do you Know what Regt and what
Co Baxter ["Barter," "Raxter"??] Charly and Henry Flint is(?) if
you do write and let me know
I received a letter from Oscar the other day(.) tell him the boys
are all well and he must write again(.) I will answered it in a
few days(.) tell them all to write(.) What did you have
thanksgiving day(?) I had some roast pig and some oysters to eat and
more to(.) I will send you some more money next pay day(.)
that will be after New Years and tell Mary Ann that I will send
her som for to get a dress for the boy(.) tell Sarah and her to
write(.) Also tell Me ifs [? Looks like Old German "ss" followed
by another "s"] Allen I would like to hear the facts the case(.)
tell all of the boys to write(.) iff we get in a place near a city
I will have you send me some things to eat(.) write as soon
as you receive this(.) we are a moving so often you can direct
You letter to Morris Harrington Washington D.C. Co. H. Van Allens
save(?) some of your ____ ____ [note: looks like "Jip corn"] for if
I can get a furlough I will come home in the spring and see you
M Harrington