Morris Harrington Civil War Letters

Transcribed from a photocopy of a Letter addressed to James J. Harrington, Olcott, Niag. Co., N.Y. I have left misspellings (particularly “their" for “there,” “iff” for “if,” ”to” for “too,” “Calvary” for “Cavalry”), but have inserted punctuation for easier reading. Some words, names, etc. were illegible in the original. I have made my best guess and inserted notes in those cases.
Camp Bates near Poolesville, MD.
Dec 23/61
Dear Brother,
I received your letter last week when I was on guard
and did not have time to answer it till now(.) I am well
and hope these few lines will find you all the
same(.)A whole Company stand guard at a time and they
send 16 of us on picket down to the river(.) I was one
that down to Mana___ (note: looks like “Man a
a g)”) and while their I saw several so___(note: looks
like “sobit”)(.) their was a cuple with our horses and
went across the river and staid a few minutes and
returned(.) their is several places along the river
that they can ford the river with horses(.) one of our
Corporals died a week ago to day with Military Honors
Order of the P_____(note: looks like “Processiv”)
First the hearses(?) 12 men on horseback next the coffin
in the hearse then his horse with his blanket and
accoutrements with his boots in the stirrup led by
the buglers next our Company(.) then following the
rest of the detachment was the officers, we raised
money to send him home but the Col would not let any
body go with him and so we could not send him(.)
Asher has got back to camp is heather (“healthier?”)
than he ever was(.) he says tell the boys that he
is well and sends his best respects to all(.) You
wanted to know whether Gist (note: could be “Gart,” “
Gast, etc.) was dead or not(.) he is not but has been
very sick but is a getting better(.) Ben ___(note:
this looks like “_eartonn” - first letter could be “Y,” “J”)
has been here to see him(.) I got those things that you sent
and also some letters that Bert Franked and sent to the
Franked ___ for our company(.) you need not send any
blankets or socks for I have plenty(.) I have 4 blankets
and 9 pair of socks and plenty of clothes so if you send
any more I can not carry them very well(.) some of the
boys have received some eatables from home but you
need not send any for it cost to much(.) a small box
costs $8,00(.) I wrote a letter to Sarah and also
one to George and Homer and received no answer yet
from them(.) I am well and have not been sick yet(.)
write as soon as you receive this(.) Give my best
respects to all(.) From your brother Mo Harrington(.)
Dirrect your letter to Morris Harrington Co, H Van
Allens ____(note: looks like “Ne: T”) Calvary Via Washington