Morris Harrington Civil War Letters

Transcribed from a photocopy of a Letter addressed to “James J. Harrington, Olcott, Niag. Co., N.Y.” I have left misspellings (particularly “their” for “there,” “iff” for “if,” ”to” for “too,” “Calvary” for “Cavalry”), but have inserted punctuation for easier reading. Some words, names, etc. were illegible in the original. I have made my best guess and inserted notes in those cases. Envelope: 3” x 5 ½” with right end torn off Red, white, blue U. S. flag on left - 31 stars visible; size approx: 2” x 2”, captioned “Long may it wave.”(with quotation marks) J. H. JOHNSON, 70 State st., Chicago (no location or date --- looks like a hastily penned note on a scrap of paper) “

Give my best respects to all to Ma, Sarah, Mary Ann and any one else that wishes to hear from me(.) let me know how Ma is every time you write and also all the news(.) I received 3 or 4 paper and also as many letters with Pieces cut from Paper(.) I think they had a regular U. S. Postmark M.H.” (reverse side) “Direct to Morris Harrington C.O . “(note: looks like “7th #d N. Y. Cav” “Neubern, N. C.”) “tell Asher the Boys are all well and would like to hear from him” (there is a scribbled note in the bottom, right-hand corner) “this star some of the got out of Mason Hall at Hamilton(?) also gold emblem of the order