The Civil War Letters of Thomas McElroy
Co. I, 114th NYSV

January 6, 1863

                                  Carlton  Jan 6 1863
Most Dear Wife
                I again have another opportunity to write & mail you a
letter   in the first place I am well & have been well with the exception
of Sea Sickness   I weighed today 148 lbs.  We are now landed Six miles
above New Orleans   we landed the 4th & you better believe we were glad
to get on land as it has been just two months Since we went on board at
Baltimor   we Sailed to Ship Island   that is at the mouth of the Missippi
River   from there up the River to Neworleans Six miles above where we
are now encamped with the rest of the Expedition   I do not know how
many thousan there is here   they will probaly be ordered to march in a
few days   We Shall not go with this brigade the Col has reported us not
fit for duty   all of our Regt is not together yet   I hardily know what
the news is   I presume you know & get more news than we do but we know
what it is to be on Ship board   we passed cuba Island but I have not
Space to write all the particular   Some of our boys were left at
Ft. Monroe with the measels   there has not any died as I know of in
our Co.  There was two died on Ship in another Co.  one was burried at
Sea   it was a Solom Sight   It is quite warm weather down here   they are
making gardens   orranges are plenty   the trees hang full   we buy three
for five cts   we have apples to   I am very thankful that my health is
So good   I am cautious about my health & I shall be   last night was a
very pleasant night   the moon is full & I think Every night & day that
we can look out on the Same moon & Stars that you can   I tell you we
talk a great deal about home   We are almost ignorant as to news   we
feal anxious to know what they are doing at Washington   We think it is
time this is Settled   Some way we care not how   Oh that Some of those
head officers & men were in our places   they would See then there is no
fare thing about it & I do not believe the North will whip the South.
Oh how I have thought & wished you could hear from me everyday   New Years I
thought that if you could only hear from me while we were Sailing  Oh
I never want to See the blue watter again   I presume you got the news
in the papers that we were allmost Shipwrecked but we got through all
Safe   I mailed you two letters while we at Ft Royal S.C.   we got
on another ship there & came the rest of the way   it was a sail ship
We have not recieved any mail XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Since we left Ft Monroe
but expect one in a few days   I tell you New Orleans is a big City   I
only Saw it as we passed through up the river   I shall write you Every
Chance I have to mail a letter   The mail goes to N.Y. by Steamer
we do not know how often yet but my Dear I am hoping & put my trust in
the Lord hoping that we may meet once more   Chanty I wish I could Send
you a box of Orranges 4th

   [on separate paper]
					I would write with a pen but
you may direct to Neworleans		I keep my ink to direct
	    Banks Division		my letters
  					have a kiss
  Thos McElroy
CoI     114th Regt
		Banks Division

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