The Civil War Letters of Thomas McElroy
Co. I, 114th NYSV

February 19, 1865

                                   Camp Distribution V.A.
					Feb 19th 1865
My Dear Wife
	     I thought I must write you a few lines to day knowing you
would be anxious to hear from me again.
	     I expected to be Sent to my Regt before this time but
I think we may be sent Tuesday   This is a large camp   there is baracks
enough to hold 4000   there was 2040 Sent to their Regts last Friday &
there is as many here now.  They are going to make a Hospt of this
camp.  There is a large Chappel here & the Christian Commission Agents
hold meetings every evening & they are well attended & every evening
many rise for Prayers.  We do not have half as good living
as we did to the Hospt. but we have got to come down to it.  I am feeling
quite Smart for me.  I expect my letters that come to the Hospt. will
be sent to my Regt.  it Seems long though not getting a letter.  You
need not write till I get to my Regt when I will write as Soon as I
get there.
Good news from Shermans Army & the People in those Seceded States
begin to Speak for them selves.  They have not dared Say a word in
favour of Union heretofore but now they begin to get their eyes open &
begin to Speak for themselves & not only Speak but are takeing important
Steps to try & get back into the Union   they Se their folly.  Their
Communication is now nearly cut of from Richmond & you will Se Sherman
will fetch up in the rear of them.  I finished another collar yesterday
one I commenced before I left the Hospt.  Will Follet gives me $2.
for it but I cannot make any more till I get Some more beads & Silk which
I do not expect to get Short of Washington.  I hope these few lines
find you well.  From your loveing Husband & Pa   Thos McElroy
Here is another of my pictures   I thought maybe you would want another
Your Husband     I thought I must send you Something & this is as good
as anything except Myself  aint it   Six months & fourteen days

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