The Civil War Letters of Thomas McElroy
Co. I, 114th NYSV

April 29, 1863

					Brashear City   Apr 29, 63
Ever Dear Wife
		I now seat myself to write you a few lines knowing that
you must feel anxious to hear from me as I have not written you in
Some time   I hardily know what to write as I have so much to write
Probaly you have Seen in the papers before this reaches you that we
have been in a battle   well we have.  & we come out victorious.  after
we drove them out of there fortification we marched in pursuit of the
enimy   I have not time to give you much of a history of the battle
we lost but a few men in our Regt   we were the advance Brigade all the
way through the baterys did the fighting.  there was not much infantry
fighting   we know what it is to have the balls & shells whistling around us
but God has Seen fit to bring us out Safe   when I have little more time
I will give a little more history about it   I am well and stood the march
first rate   after we drove the Rebs out we marched 18 & 20 miles a day
there was two days I fell out but came up with the Regt at night but
I Stood the march the march as well as any of them   we went about 90 miles &
then our Regt was ordered back to gather up all the horses mules
cattle & Sheep & by the time we got to Brashear we had a very large drove
the people Said they never expected to See the Northern army through
there but this expedition is a complete success   there is a good deal
I want to write but will have to wait till next time   Just before we Started
I recvd a letter from you & one from Samuel   yours contained one from
Chanty   I think Chanty you have improved in writing greatly.  after we
got back last night (Tues) there was Six letters for me from you   I
have recvd the Soldiers diary & it is a very nice & good book   I think
everything of it
the letter was Sealed you spoke of.  I do not know as I can answer all
of the questions with out looking the letters all over which I have not
time now   I wish I could been there when Alie was there   we would had 
a good time   aint I so glad we aint to Ohio   I think Mr Tinker could
fix our house   I hope Fuller will move   I think your dress & Chantys
Shirts are nice   I think you are having quite a turn around in Pitcher
I had heard about my cheating the company long before you wrote me but
our company is all perfectly Satisfied with me as a comissary & I
dont know as I have an enimy in the Co   I do not let Dan know but what
I like him well enough we get along first rate.   I think the time is
coming when there will be Somebody in Pitcher & Otselic beside Floyd to
tell different Stories   he is a perfect Scoundrel * is not fit to be in
decent Society.  I do not know what Stories there is about the Capt.
We are now going back to guard one of the places we have taken called
New Iberia & when we get there I will have time to look your letters

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