The Civil War Letters of Thomas McElroy
Co. I, 114th NYSV

April 6, 1865

In field                Near Winchester V.A.
                                April 6/65
My Dear Wife
             I recieved your Welcome letter dated March 30th & was
pleased to hear from home again.  I also recvd one from John the same
Well we are on the move again   we left our camp Tues 4 P.M. & we are now
4 miles above Winchester in camp.  We do not know which way we will
move from here.  I Suppose it will depend on what Success Grant has
It was rumored yesterday that Lee had Surrendered to Grant but I do
not believe it yet.  There is quite a force of Infantry here   it may be
posible that we may go up the valley.  Hancock is in command
One thing certain Richmond has fallen & what rejoicing & oh how many
anxious Wives Fathers Mothers & Sisters are to know whether it is well
with Son Husband Father or not.  We know that the end of Rebeldom is
near at hand   I am feeling very well   I am as fleshy as I was when I
left home last fall.
I wrote you in my last that you might expect a Small package from NY.
which probaly you have recieved ere this reaches you.  This may not go
very Soon but I thought I would write & have it ready.  I also recieved
a letter from Wm a good long one   I will Send it to you in Some of
my letters
How does Chanty get along learning to farm it.  R. Cooper was Sending a
box with his over coat & Some things & his Cousin & So I put in
my over coat & blouse I wore when I was at home & a razor in it & some
beads I had left.  It was Expressed to Coopers cousin Whitneys Point &
they will bring up the things Sometime when they come up & probaly will
leave them to Coopers.  There will be some charges on them
as we did not pay the express   I do not know how mutch   There was four
of us Sent in the Same box & I expect to pay one quarter of the express.
They may not come up with them very soon.  it is the same over coat I
had.  I will write every opportunity.  Your loving Husband
                                        Thos McElroy

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