The Civil War Letters of Thomas McElroy
Co. I, 114th NYSV

July 10, 1864

                                  July 10th, 1864
                    On board Str Corrinthian
Dear Wife
             It may be ere this reaches you that you have learned
that we are leaving the department of the Gulf   I say we   I suppose the
whole 19th Corps. I mailed you a letter one week agao to day at New Orleans
& I wrote you that Some thought we were going to Fortress Monroe
we did not guess wrong   we Sailed under Sealed orders & after we got
out to Sea the Seals were broken by our Col & read Stating that we were
to Sail to Ft. Monroe   we are not Sorry & probaly we will not ever go
back to New Orleans again (Oh how the old Str jogs me   I cannot hardily
write). Well never mind if it is not written as well.  I thought you
would like to hear from your Soldier boy.  There is six Companys on
this Str.  We went aboard 4th   4,O'clock & Sailed out in middle of the
River & anchored till morning when they weighed Anchor & we Sailed
pleasantly down the River   we reached the mouth of the River 4,O'clock P.M.
crosed the bar all Safe & then we were once more on the blue Sea.
& we have been Sailing ever since & have had a very pleasant trip
So far & I think we will have the rest of the way nothing worth noteing
has transpired Since we started, I though would have this written 
so as Soon as we landed (that is if we do land there) I could mail it.
I do not know where we will go from there unless we go up the James
River.  I See by the paper that Grant Says he has troops enough.
Gen J.J. Reynolds has command of the 19th Corps.
I am well & think I am as fleshy as I was when I left home.  If you
can find out where the 76th Regt is by Mrs Willmarth let me know when
you write me.  We may go Some where near them.  the boys
are not sorry that we are going there   we can hear from home Sooner
I had not had but two letters from you Since I got to the Regt   they
were written at Abrams.  I presume Some of our letters will go to
New Orleans & back again.  I anxious to get a letter from Pitcher
So I can know what the news is at Home & how you all get along & to
know how they got rid of Mr Gibbs   I hope you will have plesanter &
more Spiritual times in the Church & hope that the Saboth School may
flourish again, Oh how I long to be there.  I will leave this now till
we get there & then I will try & finish it.

Tuesday Morning 12th   We are now near Fortress Monroe & expect to land
there   we have had a very plesant trip   I do not know where to have you
direct your letters yet but will write you again as Soon as I find out
I cannot think of any more to write this morning   there may be a letter
in the papers from Dr Beecher giving a description of our voyage as
I See he has been writing a good deal.
Your affectionate Husband & Pa     Thos McElroy
To Marge & Chanty
I am well
I am glad to tell

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