Civil War Diary
of Robert T. Douglass, Co. F, 47th Va. Regt.

September, 1863

Sep 1. Guarding Browns gap. Quite sick to-day 
Cant eat a thing atall. Very cool in the 
mountains. Had a chill this  afternoon. 
Oh how badly I feel this afternoon.

Sep 2. Dont feel any better this morning 
atall. Came down off the mountains in
a wagon to White Hall and staid there all 
night not being able to walk any distance.

Sep 3. A friend carried me to Mechanicsville 
this morning where I took the cars to 
Charlottsville & am now quite sick indeed. 
Feel very much I have high fevers.

Sep 4. Feel much better this morning. 
Had an appetite to eat something. 
P.M. Two of our boys got in this evening 
on the freight train bringing one deserter
and placed him in the guardhouse.

Sep 5. Something better today all except 
my mouth being very sore caused by fever. 
Capt. Garland and the rest of the boys got 
in this morning on train and brought one 

Sep 6. Dont feel quite so well today. 
Have an awful bad headache. Went up to
the hospital and got some pills from the 
doctor. So unwell I cant go to church.

Sep 7. Drew another weeks rations ready 
to make another scout. Large auction
here to day and public speeches being 
made by politicians in the C. House.
Number of citizens present.

Sep 8. All the boys left to day and I was 
left to take care of things left, as I 
had been sick. Everything is very quiet 
now since all the wild boys left.

Sep 9. Awaked up this morning and found 
myself all alone. No one to disturb me
in my slumbers. Tis very lonesome now 
with no one around, very unpleasant. Look
somewhat like rain this afternoon.

Sep 10. Got up very early this morning and 
got my breakfast and then laid down and 
slept till dinner. I never was so lonesome 
in my life as I have been since the boys 
went on the scout.

Sep 11. Still by myself & as lonesome as 
ever. Had apple dumplings to-day for
dinner of my own manufacture. I also had 
squirrel soup & mash potatoes. A portion 
of my detail got in this afternoon.

Sep 12. All the fellows got in this morning 
and I feel very much relieved indeed. They 
brought in one deserter. P.M. very dark cloud 
covering and look very much like rain.

Sep 13. Feel unwell this morning. Did not 
go to ch. Went up to the University
Chapel this afternoon to preaching. Sermon 
by Rev. _____Broadus a baptist preacher. 
Prayer by Rev. W. F. Broadus.

Sep 14. Drew another weeks rations to go on 
another scout. Did not go to-day. Reports 
that our army are about to have another fight 
with the enemy. Quite lonesome in Charlottsville.

Sep 15. Our squad from the 47th Va. left 
Charlottsville, walked the railroad to
Shadwell and searched one house. I crossed 
the Rivana river to Milton & Stopped
for a while. Continued our march from 
Milton to Buck Island.

Sep 16. Went from Buck Island up the road 
about one mile and got dinner & remained 
till night & returned to B. Island & 
searched one house but found no one atall 
that did not belong there.

Sep 17. Left Buck Island and went to Milton 
and staid all night. Rained late in the 
afternoon. Very warm weather for the time 
of year. Dont feel very well.

Sep 18. Went from Milton this morning to 
Charlottsville. Had a very hard shower
of rain this morning. No news of any 
importance from the Army of Northern

Sep 19. Nothing going on in Charlottsville 
of any importance. _____ quite good last 
night. Reports from the army that they are 
expecting a big fight. P.M. Went out to get 
some _______.

Sep 20. Very cool and windy this Sabbath 
morn. Went to preaching in the afternoon 
at the N. E. Church South. Very good sermon. 
No news of any importance afloat.

Sep 21. Some frost seen this morning. Drew 
another weeks rations to go on a scout. 
Left Charlottsville about 2 OC P.M. and went 
to Stormy Point a distance of 10 miles and 
then stopped to await deserters.

Sep 22. Not far from Stormy Point on picket. 
Very cool this morning. Boiled a pot of peas 
for breakfast and a pot of cabbage for dinner. 
Near in the direction of Madison C. House.

Sep 23. Orders at 10 Oclock last night to go 
to Charlottsville to go to our reg. Left 
Charlottsville on the train & went to our 
reg near Rapidann station and found all 
quiet along our lines.

Sep 24. In camp this morning and doing as before. 
Our reg. on pickett but relieved at 10 OC. A.M. 
Weather quite cool. No news of any importance in camp.

Sep. 25. Aroused before daylight with orders 
to cook up one days rations and be ready to 
move at a moments warning. Got ready and did 
not move as the orders were caused by false alarm.

Sep 26. In camp and all is still quiet along 
our lines. Went over to the division comm. 
dept. and got my portfolio from a friend. 
Quite pleasant weather.

Sept 27. Our regiment gone on picket to-day 
and I am left on camp guard. Such are the 
ways our Sabbaths are spent. Recd a letter from home.

Sep 28. Cleaned our guns and had brigade 
inspection. Had brigade drill in the
afternoon lasting till sun down and dress 
parade after dark.

Sep 29. Laid off camp and cleaned it up 
very nicely. Had no drill this morning.
Had brigade drill in the afternoon but 
a very short drill.

Sep 30. No drill  in morning. Drill in 
afternoon. Wrote several letters to my
friends. Received several letters from 
home by detail that came up to the

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