Civil War Diary
of Robert T. Douglass, Co. F, 47th Va. Regt.

Oct 1. Our reg. on pickett to-day. Saw 
several yankee prisoners that were
caught by our cavalry brought through 
our lines. Look very much like rain this

Oct 2. Relieved from pickett about 10 OC 
A.M. and had to come up through rain.
Rained all day and were confined to our 
tents all day without eating, it being
so rainy cooking could not be done.

Oct 3. Cleared off beautiful last night. 
Cool and pleasant this morning. On camp 
guard. Went to preaching in the 40th Va. 
Reg. No news of any importance in camp.

Oct 4. Thanks to God we are permitted to 
live to see another Sabbath day. Attended 
preaching in the 40th Va. Reg morn, eve 
and at night. Wrote a letter to my mother.

Oct 5. Our reg on pickett to-day. Very 
cool on the river on pickett. The 40th
regiment throwing up entrenchments on the 
banks of the Rapidann river.

Oct 6. Relieved from picket 10 OClock A.M. 
No drill in the afternoon. 6 O.C. P.M. 
orders to cook one days rations to go to 
throw up entrenchments.

Oct 7. Very hard at work throwing up 
entrenchments. Goes very hard with me as I
am not accustomed to work these war times. 
2 O.C. P.M. orders to cook up one days 
rations. Many opinions to what it is for.

Oct 8. Awaked up about one hour before 
daybreak with orders to strike tents and
be ready to move directly. Marched one 
mile to take the place of Pettigrews
brigade that moved off to some point unknown.

Oct 9. On outpost & the yankees are very 
anxious to trade papers. 3 O.C. P.M.
Relieved from outpost but did not return 
to camp. Detailed to go to camp to
cook rations. Great excitement in camps. 

Oct 10. Carried the rations to our boys 
on pickett. Relieved from picket in the
afternoon & returned to camp. Drew 4 days 
rations of hard bread & bacon. Hear some 
cannonading at a dist.

Oct 11. Another Sabbath spent in an uproar. 
Orders to be ready to move at a moments 
warning. Such are the ways we spend our 
Sabbaths. Left Rapidann station & 
marched to Mitchells station & camped.

Oct 12. Left Mitchells station & marched 
through Culpepper C. House and halted
near the Rappahannock river to bivouac. 
Passed a large no. of yankee camps &
our boys were all over them.

Oct 13. Marched to day from Riconsville & 
forded the Hazel river and marched through 
Jefferson to the Rappahannock river & 
crossed at Warrenton Springs Va. Kept on 
to Warrenton where found our div.

Oct 14. Marched at daylight on the 
Manassas pike & passed two little places.
Little Baltimore & ____ & overtook the 
yankees near Bristow station where we
had an engagement with them.

Oct 15. Yankees all gone on toward Manassas 
& we are being still. Afternoon orders 
were to cook two days rations. Begun 
cooking & did not get through before we 
marched on the rail road toward Rappahannock sta.

Oct 16. Marched down the railroad and begun 
to tear it up. Had a very bad time at it as 
it rained all day long as hard & I even saw 
it snow. At night we built very large fires.

Oct 17. Clear & cool this morning. Tore up 
a portion of rail road and then marched to 
Rappahannock station and camped. Not a 
house can be seen in this part of Virginia.

Oct 18. On picket on the road leading to 
Elys ford having come on last night.
Everything quiet to-day. Troops lying still. 
Quite pleasant all the day. _____ of 
trains ______ crossing from the _______.

Oct 19. Relieved from pickett and marched 
over the Rappahannock river by pontoons 
& halted near Brandy station for camp. 
Very bad walking as the road is so poor.

Oct 20. In camp quiet again. Can see signs 
of shelling where we were. Shelled by the 
yankees 12 months ago. Pitched our tents 
ready for the cool weather.

Oct 21. Rubbed our guns and had brigade 
inspection. Wrote a letter to my mother. 
Had orders late in the afternoon to be 
ready to move camp at 6 A.M. next day.

Oct 22. Moved to another camp west of 
our old one about one mile and some now.
Near a good spring. On police duty to-day. 
Quite cool this afternoon.

Oct 23. Went over to the cavalry camps to 
see some of my friends & acquaintances. 
Returned to our camp having to come through 
rain. Nothing going on in camp of importance.

Oct 24. Rained all day and we were compelled 
to stay within out tents all day long nearly. 
Very disagreeable to day, not being used to 
confinement in our tents.

Oct 25. Clear and cool, this Sabbath ____. 
Walked over to ___ division commissary 
with a friend. Had a service in our brigade 
and it was attended by our Gen. in chief, 
R. E. Lee.

Oct 26. Received a letter from home this 
morning that tells me all are well. Not 
well today. Suffering very much with the 
tooth ache. Very cold this afternoon.

Oct 27. Very cold to-day. Look very much 
like snow. Had company drill in the
afternoon. Drew shoes from Qr. Master 
department. Received ____ ____ blankets.

Oct 28. Feel very well to day. Darned a 
pr. socks ready for wear. Very warm &
____ to-day. Had inspection of camps 
by Brig. Genl H.W. Walker.

Oct 29. Detailed to throw up redoubts not 
far from the ____. Went 1st to Gen.
Walkers then to Gen ___   ___  ___ then to 
the div. ordenance train to get the
pieces to---- -----.

Oct 30. Nothing going on of much importance 
going in camp. The army is now busy
drilling and preparing themselves to meet 
the enemy.

Oct 31. We have orders to move camps this 
morning but it rained and prevented it. 
Mustered for pay to-day. Wrote a letter to 
& received one from my home. 

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