Civil War Diaries
of William Owen, Co K., 86th NYSV

June, 1863

Jun 1. Another month has gone. June the 
1st has ___find me on picket all night
& writing letters.

Jun 2. Relieved from picket 12 N & 
returned to camp. Very warm & dust thick.
Wrote letter to my old friend A.W. Hubbard.

Jun 3. Washed some clothes. PM battalion 
reviewed, letter from an old friend.
Evening attended prayer meeting. Felt 
the love of God in my heart.

Jun 4. Orders to fall in line & be 
ready to march by day brake. Fell in and
stacked arms. P.M. wrote letter.

Jun 5. In camp all day. Inspection of 
arms by Maj Lansing. Heavy cannonading
_____ about five PM in the direction 
of Fredricksburg.

Jun 6. Received pay of the government, 
wrote letter home. Fell in line at five
PM & marched 16 miles & lay down on our 
arms for the remainder of the night.

Jun 7. Took up our line of march ten AM 
marched 17 miles & bivouacked for the
night near Bealton Station. Tired and 
foot sore. Such are the Sabbaths of the

Jun 8. Marched about five miles and 
bivouacked for the night in a piece of wood
near Ellis Forde.

Jun 9. Took up our line of march at day 
light. Crossed the river at Ellis Forde
& commenced fighting the enemy. Sharp 
fighting all day. We successfully drove
the enemy five miles & then withdrew 
across the river.

Jun 10. Marched about five miles & 
camped near Bealton Station. Saw several
Rebbel prisoners about seven hundred 
left this station for Washington.

Jun 11. Lay in the shade all day. 
Great many camp rumors, evening attended
prayer meeting in the woods, felt the 
love of God.

Jun 12. Stayed in camp til 4 PM. Took 
up our line of march. Marched four miles
& bivouacked near Rappahannock Station, 
wrote letter home.

Jun 13. Stayed in the woods near 
Rappahannock River all day. Worked on rifle
pitts all night. Tired & sleepy. Read letter 
from Cousin Millie.

Jun 14. Fell in line & marched about 15 m
iles & bivouacked at Catlett Station.
Dont feel very well.

Jun 15. Fell in line at 6 AM marched 
about 12 miles, very warm. Several of the
boys marched till they fell deaf & tired 
out & fell out of the ranks for the
first time.

Jun 16. Marched two miles & stopped in 
the Bull Run rifle pitts. Had a wash in
the Bull Run creek. Evening attended 
prayer meeting. Reported rebbels in Md. &

Jun 17. Marched three miles & encamped 
at Centerville. Very warm. Rebbels
reported to be marching on to Harrisburg.

Jun 18. Stayed in camp at Centerville 
all day. Very warm. All the troops nearly
tired out.

Jun 19. Fell in at one PM, marched 8 miles 
through the rain-dark & mud. Stopped
at Gum Springs at ten in the evening.

Jun 20. Still remain at Gum Springs. 
Pitched our tents. Detailed for guard but
did not have to go on dress parade at 6 PM

Jun 21. Marched about one mile & encamped. 
Evening attended prayer meeting.
Rained some.

Jun 22. Fell in at __PM & marched about 
two miles & camped in the woods. Many
camp rumors. A fight expected near here.

Jun 23. Still in camp at Gum Springs ___ 
of the regt out on pickett. Evening
attended a prayer meeting.

Jun 24. Still at Gum Springs, warm & 
pleasant. Have received no mail in more
than two weeks. Evening attended prayer 
meeting. Had a good time.

Jun 26. Marched 8 miles & camped at Point 
of Raer. Still raining. About tired
out & our regt detailed 1 AM provost duty.

Jun 27.. Took up our line of march at 
three PM. Marched  7 miles and bivouacked
at Jefferson. Got a good warm supper at 
an old farm house.

Jun 28. Fell in at five AM, marched 
through Middletown & Fredricks City. 
Such are the Sabbaths of the soldier.

Jun 29. Fell in at day brake, marched 
16 miles. Passed through Woodsborough &
_____ville. Camped in the wood for the night.

Jun 30. Fell in at three PM, marched 7 miles 
& bivouacked near Emmittsville. Rained some, 
very warm & hard marching. Report Vicksburg taken.

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