Civil War Diary
of William Owen, Co K., 86th NYSV

July, 1863

Jul 1. Fell in at 12N, marched 13 miles 
& bivouacked near Gettesburg. Sick &
rode in the ambulance for the first time.

Jul 2. Fell in line soon after day light. 
Went in battle 3 PM. Fired five rounds 
& was wounded in the side. Same ball 
wounded my comrad.

Jul 3. At the division hospital, heavy 
cannonading all day. The Rebbels fell
back in the afternoon. I.W. Winsmith 
& J.B. Fisk died of wounds.

Jul 4. Still at the hospital. Fighting 
still going on. Rebble Gen Longstreet
taken prisoner. Rained hard. Wounded 
being brought in very fast.

Jul 5. Still at the hospital. Wet & 
rainy day. The Rebbels in full retreat
toward the Potomac.

Jul 6. Still at the hospital. Went to an 
old farm house got some bread. Over
10,000 Rebbel prisoners have been taken in 
the late engagement.

Jul 7. Moved our hospital up on a hill. 
Ladies came in to see the wounded.
Wrote a letter home. Two dead bodies 
floated down the creek this morning. 
The wounded suffering.

Jul 8. Still at the hospital. Wet & 
rainy day. Wounded suffering very much.

Jul 9. Clear & pleasant. Will Stewart 
of my company failing very fast. Took
ease of him best I could.

Jul 10. Still at the hospital. Very warm, 
the citizens remaking wills. Everything 
for the wounded, taking ease of Will.

Jul 11. Still in the hospital in Addams 
County Pa. My friend Will Stewart died
early this morning.

Jul 12. Still in the hospital at Addams 
County Pa. Some of the wounded were
sent away. Another battle the militia 
defeat the Rebs.

Jul 13. Still at the hospital in the wood.

Jul 14. Left the hospital and went to 
Gettesburg. Prayed in the church used for
a ___

Jul 15. Took the cars for Baltimore 
arrived at McKims mansion hospital about
ten in the evening. Great riot in New York.

Jul 16. Still in the hospital at Baltimore, 
a very pleasant place. Have a view of 
almost the entire city. 7,000 prisoners 
taken at Port Hudson.

Jul 17. Still in the hospital at Baltimore. 
Wrote letter to Brother Cortland.

Jul 18. Still at McKims hospital Baltimore. 
Wrote letters. Gen Mead recrossing
the Potomac in pursuit of Gen Lee.

Jul 19. A warm pleasant morning but how 
many in the last few days have passed
away & I am yet spared. What miracles ____ 
of God. PM attended church in the
dining room.

Jul 20. Still at the McKims mansion hosp. 
Doing well, very warm.

Jul 21. Obtained a pass & went to town. 
Got a good dinner of ham & eggs. Bought
a _____.

Jul 22. Still at McKims mansion hospital.

Jul 23. Obtained a pass & went to town, 
bought a bible, ___.

Jul 24. Obtained a pass and went into the 
burying ground. The most splendid one I 
ever saw. Very warm & pleasant.

Jul 25. Stayed in the hospital all day. 
Two men died, weather very warm.

Jul 26. Went to see the ____. Grand sight. 
Afternoon attended meeting in the
library room.

Jul 27. Obtained a pass & went to town A.M. 
Nothing going on. Lonesome business
staying in the hospital.

Jul 28. Stayed in the hospital all day. 
Read and wrote letters. Small fright at
Mains___ Gap, enemy repulsed.

Jul 29. Got a pass & went to burying 
ground & ____ ____. Wrote letter.

Jul 30. Stayed in the hospital all day, 
read & wrote. Reported capture of Fort

Jul 31. Obtained a pass and went to town. 
Very warm weather.

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