Civil War Diary
of William Owen, Co K., 86th NYSV

August, 1863

Aug 1. Stayed in the hospital all day. 
_____is getting along finely.

Aug 2. Stayed in hospital all day. In 
the PM attended meeting in the dining
room. Thank the Lord for so many favors 
& blessings.

Aug 3. Obtained a pass to town- Reported 
defeat of Stuarts cavalry. A general
engagement expected  & ______.

Aug 4. Went to town.

Aug 5. Went to town, very warm. 
Received letter from Sister Margaret.

Aug 6. A day of thanksgiving and prayer 
appointed by the President of the U.S.
for our late victories.

Aug 7. Went to town. Received letter 
from Cousin Melissa.

Aug 8. Stayed in hospital all day, 
wrote letter to Cousin.

Aug 9. Stayed in hospital. In the PM 
attended meeting in the dining room. Ye
every one that ___ rain ye to the waters 
to drink.

Aug 10. Done nothing but read. Report 
that Gen Grant is to take command of the
Army of the Potomac.

Aug 11. Went to work in the dining room. 
Army of the Potomac to be reorganized.
___ things are ___ and ___.

Aug 12. Very warm, the themomitor is 98 
degrees. Received four letters from the

Aug 13. Obtained pass & went to town. 
Saw my friend Charles Hubbard. He came to
the hospital with me.

Aug 14. Worked in the dining room all day. 
Seadrid came in with everything for
the wounded to eat. Very warm.

Aug 15. Stayed at the hosp all day. 
Received letter & very hot weather.

Aug 16. Stayed at the hosp all day. 
In the afternoon attended meeting in the
dining room. 

Aug 17. Stayed in hospital all day. 
Received letter. Just two years to-day
since I enlisted. One year in all and 
then will be free.

Aug 18. Obtained a pass and went to town. 
Nothing of any importance going on. 

Aug 19. No entry

Aug 20. Went to the straglers camp to 
see my friend Charles Hill. Sent book to
Cousin Melissa.

Aug 21. Worked in the dining room all day. 
Fancy town ladies came in with ___
for the soldiers.

Aug 22. No entry 

Aug 23. The heart is deceitful above all 
things and desperately wicked. Who can
know it? The ___ search the heart  & try 
the reins, even to give every man
according to his ways and awarding to 
the ____ his doing.

Aug 24,25. No entry

Aug 26. But the Lord is with me as a 
mighty, terrible one. Therefore my
persecutors shall stumble and they 
shall not prevail. They shall be greatly
ashamed for they shall not prosper, 
their everlasting ____shall never be

Aug 27, 28. No entry

Aug 29. 30, 31. Peace be unto you and 
Silas can be in heaven even when they are
still into the inner prison, their bodies 
scouraged with many ___ and their feet 
___ the stocks. The martyrs find more 
rest in their flames ___.  Their
persecutors in their ___ & ___ they 
foresee the flames they escape.

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