Civil War Diary
of William Owen, Co K., 86th NYSV

September and October, 1863

Sep 1. Christians see the ___ of 
all things and the ___ of things above. 

Sep 2 through 19. No entries

Sep. 20. Attended meeting in the Hartford 
___ Church, Baltimore Md. Thank God
for these blessings.

Sep 21 through 25. No entries.

Sep 26. Attended meeting in the evening. 
Report of the northern and ___ ___.

Sep 27. Attended meeting in the forenoon 
and evening at the N.E. Church

Sep 28. Come unto me all ye that are weary 
& heavy laden and I will give you rest. 
What a ___ ___ is this.

Sep 29. Examined and prepared to return 
to my Regt. Attended meeting in the
Hartford ___ Church. Several ___ at the 
alter has prayre, a good meeting.

Sep 30. Left McKims Mansion Hospl, 
came to Paterson Park hospl.

Oct 1. (Rev. R. Spencer Vinton) Chaplain 
McKims Mansion Hosp. Still remain at
Paterson Park Hospl.

Oct 2. Still at Paterson Park

Oct 3. Left Paterson Park, took the cars 
and went to Washington. Stayed in the
soldiers retreat overnight.

Oct 4. Took the cars at ___ for Alexandra, 
arrived in camp. Convalecent at 12 N. 
Saw brother Carl found him pretty low.

Oct 5. Stayed in camp convalescent all day. 
Wrote letter to my parents evening & 
attended meeting.

Oct 6. Stayed in camp all day, attended 
prayer meeting in the ___ commission
chapel nine AM.

Oct 7. Stayed in Camp ___ all day. 
Evening attended meeting in Christian
Commission Chapel. Finished reading 
my bible through.

Oct 8. Stayed in camp & wrote letters. 
Got order to be ready to leave in the
morning. Bought a pair of gloves.

Oct 9. Took leave of my brother Carl 
and marched to ___ three miles back. Took
the cars for Culpepper.

Oct 10. Left my camp and orders to pack 
up for march. Fell in line at 12N
marched one mile and halted. Read over 
night. Read the annointment of Lord.

Oct 11. Took up our line of march 10 AM 
Marched 14 miles near the two rivers.
Forded the river 12 Oclock at night. 
___ ___ and bivouacked for the night in
the open field.

Oct 12. Went on picket along the 
Rappahannock. Fighting almost all 
day ___ the river.

Oct 13. Fell in at daybreak without 
any breakfast, marched double quick all
day. Had a skirmish with the Rebs about 
4 PM. Soon routed them, lost no men.
Marched on until came to ___ & camped.

Oct 14. Fell in at daylight and marched 
about 20 miles and put in at Centerville. 
Hard fight in our rear. Rebs beaten. Took 
five pieces of artill. and 300 prisoners.

Oct 15. Fell in at daylight and marched 
8 miles and camped at Fairfax Station.
Fighting still going on with the cavalry.

Oct 16. Stayed in camp, saw a deserter 
from the 5th Mich Vol shot to death. The
whole division paraded to witness the scene. 
A terrible sight.

Oct 17. Gen Sickles takes command of his 
old corps. Inspection of army by Maj.
Stafford 20th Ind Regt returned from N York, 
joined our brig. Evening attended meeting.

Oct 18. Stayed in camp at Fairfax Station 
all day. Meeting in the AM and evening 
two started on the road to ___.

Oct 19. Fell in at daylight & marched to 
Manasas Station for diner. The rebs
falling back. Marched about 2 miles 
farther and camped for the night.

Oct 20. Fell in at 6 AM and marched about 
18 miles, forded two creeks and
bivouacked for the night near Greenacre: 
hard march, went on picket.

Oct 21. Fell in at 7 AM . Marched 10 miles 
and went into camp near Callett Station, 
all they boys nearly worn out.

Oct 22. Stayed in camp all day. Evening 
attended meeting. Sermon by the
Chaplain of the 22nd Regt.

Oct 23. Stayed in camp. Had inspection 
of arms by Capt. Nash. Evening attended
prayer meeting in the hosp tent.

Oct 24. Stayed in camp. Cold and rainy 
all day. I wish this cruel war were over
but God must choose the time.

Oct 25. Detailed on camp guard. All fair 
and pleasant day. Orders to march.
Fell in after dark, marched a few rods 
& camped again.

Oct 26. Relieved 10 AM, stayed in camp. 
Called up from in a sweet sleep at 11
oclock at night. Marched about two miles 
& camped in the wood.

Oct 27. Remained all day near cedar run. 
Some cannonading in the direction of
Moal-run shoals.

Oct 28. Layed out a camp moved a few rods 
& pitched tents. Wrote a letter to
Sister Orisa & ___.

Oct 29. Fell in line at five in the morning. 
Marched about three miles to work on the 
rail-road but did no work. Evening attended 
prayer meeting.

Oct 30. Worked on the railroad shoveling 
dirt on the track. Another Union victory 
achieved by Burnside in the south west.

Oct 31. Worked on the rail way PM. 
Mustered for pay by Major Stafford. This
time is ___away on the ___ ___ and another 
month gone.

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