Civil War Diary
of William Owen, Co K., 86th NYSV

February, 1864

Feb 1. Went to Westfield, Pa. Stopped 
at Froupsburg, went to the ___, left the
center 9 AM, arrived at my sisters six PM.

Feb 2. Stayed at my sisters all day. 
Evening took a ride broke any carriage,
returned to my sisters.

Feb 3. Went to Westfield got a new pair 
of  ___ made returned to my sisters 12 N. 
Feed my horse, got dinner. started one PM 
for home. Arrived at Mr. Crosbys 7 PM. 
Stopped for the night.

Feb 4. AM visited my old soldier friend 
Symmes Sergeant. PM returned home. A
pleasant time. Thank God for a home & 
so many friends.

Feb 5. AM helped my father draw wood. 
PM went to Jasper to the Corells. Evening
went home with my friend Sargeant & 
visited at Mr. ___.

Feb 6. Visited Miss Stuarts school. 
There is an even tide in human life. A
season when the eye becomes dim. The 
strength decays, when the winter of age
begins to shed upon the headriffts prophetic 
snow. The spring & summer of our days 
soon pass away & with them not only the 
joy they knew but many of the friends 
who bestow them.

Feb 7. AM attended church at Hampshire. 
Text- surely theres no enchantment
against Jacob ___ is there any divination 
against Israel. According to this line 
shall it be said of Jacob & of Israel 
What hath God wrought? PM returned

Feb 8. Visited my friends Mr. Perrys 
also Hattie Kapps school. Evening returned
home. My friends Wm. Hillburn & ___ Jerne 
visited me.

Feb 9. I will write a few thoughts in 
another diary. Wonder if I can write one
thought that can benefit anyone. Wish I 
could. Today has been ___ with storms
and sunshine. The evenings pleases with 
sweet ___ which I praise next to the
joys of a heavenly Fathers smile. It is 
this with life ever changing. Here is
at the place I can rest enough when 
there are no mere mortals that need
assistance to do their lifework. May 
you ever have strength from God and the
consolations of His smiles to cheer you 
wherever you are is the wish of one who
feels interested in all that is good .

Feb 10. Went to Bath with brother John, 
Cousin Melissa & M.G. Saw my friend S,
returned home. Evening attended singing 
school. Had a good time.

Feb 11. Went to Mr. Walraths from there 
to brother Johns. Had visitors, went to
see ___ about his farm.

Feb 12. Went to Era Thomass to get a wagon. 
PM returned to my brothers. Evening had a 
party at fathers house.

 He who conceals his opinion has nothing to answer for.

Feb 13. Went to Jasper for the reception dinner. 
Had a good time. Eve a time long to be remembered.

Feb 14. Went to Westfield Pa to see my sister. 
PM attended meeting, eve attended meeting.

Feb 15. Reurned home by way of Era Thomases. 
Saw Cousin Nancy. PM arrived safe at home. 
Saw my uncle. Eve. went to brother Johns.  
Speaking without thinking is like shooting 
without taking aim. 

Feb 16. Went to Bath with Daniel Wilder. 
PM took the cars for Elmira, arrived 6 PM. 

Feb 17. Went to the American Hotel with my 
father, saw Captain Shimney, thence to the 
Williams Pa depot. Ten AM took the cars for 
Cameron one PM. Went to Cameron Hills visited 
the school. Evening went to Dr. Mitchell.

Feb 18. AM went to ____ville for dinner at 
the hotel. PM took the cars for Elmira. 

Feb 19. AM in Elmira. Took the ten oclock 
train for Bath. Arrived in Bath five
PM with my friend James D Smith. Evening 
attended meeting at the NE Church.
Good meeting, several come forward afar ___.

Feb 20. Went to ___, stopped at the hotel 
got there, heard some sweet music. Returned 
to Bath nine AM.  His form thine eye ___ 
angle smile for many years & may not see 
but wilt thou not sometimes ___ while my 
dearest friend remember.

Feb 21. 11PM left Bath for home. Arrived 
at eleven AM. Stayed at home until five 
PM & returned to Bath. A pleasant visit 
but I fear not very profitably spent day 
for Sunday God forgive me if I have done wrong.

Feb 22. AM Stayed in Bath. PM went two miles 
above ___ to see some friends. Stayed all 
night, returned to Bath in the morning.

Feb 23. Went to Liberty Corners to see 
some friends, had a splendid time.
Enjoyed it very much.

[Transcribers note: The page for Wed, Feb 24 & Thur Feb 25 is missing.]

Feb 26. Spent the day in Elmira until 
five PM. Took the cars for Baltimore.
Rode all night. Passed through Williamsport 
& Harrisburg. Arrived in Baltimore
at eight AM.

Feb 27. Arrived in Baltimore at 8 AM, went 
to Colonel Bliss HDI, applied for
transportation, got it at 4 PM & took the 
5 oclock train for Washington. Arrived 
in Wash. 7 PM. Took my squad of men to 
the soldiers rest, stayed overnight.

Feb 28. Applied for transportation at 
Head Q of the soldiers retreat. Got the
same & took the train for Brandy. Arrived 
at Brandy three PM. Found that our
division had gone across the Rapidan on 
reconnisance. Also the sixth & first
army corps gone. Thus commenced my 
Sabbaths again in the army.

Feb 29. Stayed in camp all day. Wrote 
letters. How different my life now from
that at home. Enjoyed myself.  Evening 
went away out of camp into a large
field, had a good season of prayer 
with my friend James D Smith.

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