Civil War Diary
of William Owen, Co K., 86th NYSV

June and July, 1864

Jun 1. Took charge of a detatchment of ninety men to draw rations. Jun 2-4 no entry Jun 5. [transcribers note: Mr. Owen lists eight men by last name in two columns. There is no other entry therefore I cannot tell what the purpose was.] Jun 6. Sick in 593 John Morgan, A. McCormic, Birdsell, A. Gross Jun 7. Sick of my detatchment: B. Gammins,2, H. McCarmine,4, S. Allen, 2, M. Edwards,4, B. Lombard,4, P. Murphy, E. Gifford, M. Figmor, M. Burke. Jun 8. Sick in detatchment: Henry Fincke,H. McCarmine, A. Gross Jun 9. Sick in detatchment: H. McCarmine, A. Gross. Jun 10. Sick in detatchment: H. McCarmine Wood detail: .Stead,Kay,Giger,Brown,Miller,McCray, Bink,Sealing,Bisley,Collins,Cook, Cogswell,Atchinson,Rogers. [Transcribers note: Mr. Owen continues to make entries listing various men over the course of the month of June with several days left blank. This continues until July 5 where he does some arithmetic on the page. On the 13th of July he writes "We the undersigned do solemnly promise never to speak of anything that we have no business." There are no signatures following that entry.] July 14-21. [transcribers note: Mr. Owen either leaves the pages blank or lists mens names with no clue as to his purpose.] Jul 22. We the undersigned solemnly promise never to speak of any thing we have no business to: Wm Owen, H.A. Pierce, A. Allen, J. Evers, Wm. Bloomfield, J. Brown, M. Stowe, Dion, Dodge, Clough, Hillborn. Jul 29. George Thurston died in Camp Sumter.

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