Civil War Diary
of Robert T. Douglass, Co. F, 47th Va. Regt.

Transcribers note: From this point the diary fell into the hands of Mr. Douglass, who continued to keep it.

May, 1863

May 3. This last was the giving up of 
this poor Yankees diary. He kept it up
till he lost his knapsack at 
Chancellorsville fight and this book 
was found in his knapsack.

Captured on the battlefield at 
Chancellorsville, May 3rd, 1863

This ended his diary

Next I will commence on the next page

R.T. Douglass, Co. F, 47th Va.

[Transcribers note: At this point Mr. Douglass didnt  know if the diarys
original owner was dead or alive. In fact, Mr. Owen bought another diary,
filled in the previous days before he lost it as he could & continued an
account of his service for the rest of 1863. I will continue Mr. Douglasss
diary first, then pick up Mr. Owens story.]

May 10. Confederate Diary by RTD. 
We had orders to move & we packed up and
struck tents & then were ordered to 
remain until morning (as the weather was
hot). So we can travel whilst it is cool 
& we were very glad. Sorry to hear of
the death of Lt. Gen Jackson.

May 11. Marched according to orders and 
are now encamped about five miles from
Port Royal. Been to the swamp and washed 
off and feel much better since washing. 
Weather very warm. Comrades busy fixing 
their tents.

May 12. On guard today. Erected a guard 
house and put in several prisoners.
Several men acquitted. Heard a speech 
delivered by Lt. Gov. R. S. Montague on
the hill side close to our spring. 

May 13. In camp and nothing to do. 
Wrote a letter to my mother. Had a little
shower of rain this afternoon. The clouds 
have now passed around and not much
probability for much rain at this time.

May 14. Raining this morning. Read four 
chapters in the bible. Brigade drawn up
in line of battle to witness the drumming 
out of a member of the 53rd Va. Regt.
I had beef stake today seasoned with 
wild onions and my desert was sugar &

May 15. Clear and cool this morning. 
Had company drill. Dont feel very well
this evening. No news of importance in 
camp. I believe at this time expecting
to hear the sound of the drum every 
moment for battallion drill.

May 16. On duty today. Signed our pay 
rolls and went up to the Qr. masters
department and drew our two months 
wages up to the 1st May. Nothing of
importance going on in camp.

May 17. Went over to the 40th Va Reg. 
to preaching this morning. Also attended
meeting in the afternoon. Services were 
held by Mr. Anderson, Chaplain of the
40th Reg. Quite pleasant this afternoon. 
It is you say.

May 18. Dont feel very well to-day. 
Wrote several letters this morning. Not
quite well this afternoon. No drills 
this afternoon in our Reg. Attended prayer
meeting at night in the 40th Va Reg.

May 19. One man absent without leave 
this morning in our co. Supposed to have
deserted. Regimental inspection of arms 
this morning by Capt. Brokenbooligh.
Nothing of importance this evening.

May 20. This morning finds me in camp 
as lonesome as ever. Nothing to do but
drill. Relieved from guard this morning 
at 8 OC. Laid down and slept till 12
OC. Woken up & feel very unwell. Very 
warm and cloudy this afternoon.

May 21. Hear some firing up the river 
this morning. Instead of Co. drill we had
to police our camp this morning. 
Inspection of wagons this morning. Nothing 
of importance this afternoon except Co. 
drill in place of battallion drill.

May 22. On duty today. Weather quite warm 
and dry. Drilling today as usual. 
Everything quiet along our lines. Nothing 
of importance going on at this time.

May 23. In camp today alone. Regiment 
gone on picket and I am left behind on
camp guard. It is very lonesome indeed 
to be in camp when all have gone on
picket except a few sick. Bad news from 
Vicksburg. Not reliable.

May 24. Another lonesome Sabbath to be 
spent in camp. Attended public worship
this morning in front of the Qr. masters 
tent. Very warm this evening. My regiment 
(the 47th Va.) was relieved from picket 
this morning.

May 25. Cool and misty of rain this morning. 
12 OC sitting around a fire where there is 
a pot of peas boiling for dinner. Had 
dress parade this afternoon. Very cool 
for the time of year.

May 26. On camp guard today. No news of 
any importance from Vicksburg in todays
papers. Quite pleasant this afternoon. 
Played a game at ball with my friends in
the 40th Va. Reg.

May 27. Relieved from guard this morning. 
Out in the field playing ball with a
portion of the 40th Reg. Quite pleasant. 
No battalion drill this afternoon.
Dress parade in the afternoon. No orders 
of any importance.

May 28. Sun arose beautiful this morning. 
22nd Batt gone on picket. Election today 
for Gov. and other state members. All 
drills suspended on acct. of election. 
Played ball this afternoon for excercise. 
Prospect for rain.

May 29. On guard today. Generals review 
by R. E. Lee Commander in chief of C.
forces. The most beautiful scene I ever 
witnessed before. A.P. Hills old
division was reviewed. Good news from 
Vicksburg today. Two balloons visible in

May 30. Cool and pleasant this morning. 
Company drill as usual. No news from
Vicksburg or other parts of the army today. 
Played ball this evening for sport as I 
had nothing else to do. Bad news from home.

May 31. Another beautiful Sabbath morn 
has dawned. Went to preaching in the
40th Va Reg. Very windy day today. 
Rumors about having to march in our camp
today. Attended preaching again in the 
afternoon in the 40th Reg.