Civil War Diary
of Robert T. Douglass, Co. F, 47th Va. Regt.

June, 1863

Jun 1. The first day of June is a most 
beautiful day. Had a ration of sturgeon
issued to us this morning. Rumour in 
camp about having to march. Went about 
one mile from camp with my friend Lt. 
Chilton to get straw berries.

Jun 2. On guard today. Very dry for 
the want of rain. Wrote a letter and
started it home by a friend that was 
going down. Played ball this afternoon. 
No news in camp of any importance.

Jun 3. Rained a little this morning about 
day. Went down to the river fishing
with a friend from Co. D of my Reg. 
Returned without a single fish not even
having a bite.

Jun 4. Aroused from our slumber about 
2 OC this morning with orders to cook up
three days rations and strike tents and 
be ready to march at sunrise. Marched
about 5 miles and are now encamped at 
Round Oak Church.

Jun 5. On picket near the mouth of the 
Massapomax creek. The enemy are on
picket on the opposite side of the river. 
We are about 200 yards apart but not
allowed to talk with each other. One 
yankee swam over & brought us some coffee
& we gave him tobacco in exchange.

Jun 6. Withdrew our pickets last night 
about 10 OC. ( The enemy having crossed
above us) & marched opposite to where 
they camped. P.M. Light skirmishing along
our lines. Shower of rain this evening. 
Yankees seem to be busy on the other

Jun 7. Another beautiful Sabbath morn. 
12 OC & nothing of importance happened
yet. Some cannonading going on at this 
time but doing no damage. I believe
skirmishers are trading papers instead 
of bullets. Not much prospect for a
fight today.

Jun 8. Out on outpost this morning but 
quiet along our lines. P.M. and the
enemy dont seem to be disposed to advance 
yet. Relieved from picket this evening 
having spent a very long and disagreeable 
day on out post in the sun.

Jun 9. Still lying in our entrenchments 
awaiting the advance of the enemy. Hear
some firing a long ways up the river. 
Supposed to be Longstreet. Long smokes
are seen on the north bank of the 
Rhappahannock river.

Jun 10. Still awaiting the enemy to 
approach our entrenchments but it seems
doubtful about their advance. Pickets 
report all quiet along our lines. One man
got wounded by fooling with a bomb shell. 
Not a gun has been fired today.

Jun 11. Everything quiet in camp this 
morning. Played a game with ball called
cat. Had a little shower of rain this 
morning. Report of another fight by Gen
Stuart up the river. Enemy driven back 
across the river.

Jun 12. A balloon ascended in Stafford 
this morning and was fired at by our
batteries on this side the river. It 
descended at a double quick. Some
cannonading going on from both sides 
of the Rhappahannock river.

Jun 13. All quiet this morning. 
Not a gun has been fired up to 12 OClock 
today. Some cannonading is going on 
now but not with much affect. Severe 
thunderstorm arising. I expect the 
yanks will recross the river.

Jun 14. Came on picket this morning. 
Yanks fell back across the river and our
pickets advanced to the river shore. 
Left our entrenchments and marched up
above Fredricksburg and have now stopped 
on a hill side in an open field close
to a little stream of water.

Jun 15. Marched today at noon up the 
river by Chancellorsville and are now
above the battle field. It is a horrid 
looking place for anyone to pass. (It
looks like a graveyard). Now we have 
stopped for the night and I have eat some

Jun 16. Marched at sunrise and crossed 
the Rapidan river (distance about 15
miles). I have stopped to cook rations. 
Very warm this afternoon. Not much
water in this part of the country.

Jun 17. Took up our line of march this 
morning about sunrise & reached
Stevinsburg before we rested. Continued 
our march & reached Culpepper C.H. a
distance of seven miles and stopped for 
further orders. Culpepper C.H. is a
beautiful little town for a county seat. 

Jun 18. Left Culpepper C.H.  this morning 
& marched in the direction of Front
Royal and stopped at a little town called 
Woodville. It was the most severe
march I ever before experienced, it being 
hot & dusty. Heavy rain this afternoon 
lasting all night.

Jun 19. Left Woodville & marched five 
miles & came to Sperriville & next we
came to Washington, both being little 
towns in Rappahannock county and we  have
now stopped at Gaines crossing, marching 
the total distance about 17 miles. PM
quiet pleasant.

Jun 20. Marched at 3 Oclock AM through 
Flint Hill & came to Front Royal & got
dinner. Next came to the Shenandoah & 
crossed on a boat to the other. I had to
ford & the water was deepest there have 
been a heavy rain.

Jun 21. Marched in Clarke county to White 
Post (a little town) & continued the
march & came within 2 miles of Berryville 
where we were ordered to halt for the
night, & cook rations. Saw some beautiful 
ladies on the road today. Another Sabbath 
spent in hard marching.

Jun 22. Lying still this morning. No orders 
to move at present. Large no. of wagons are 
moving up & down the road. Received a letter 
from home this evening that brings the news 
that all my parents are well. Thanks to the 

Jun 23. Marched about 1 mile this morning 
orders were countermanded & we went back 
in camp & staid about 2 hours when we were 
ordered to march again. We marched through 
Berryville & on through Rippon, a distance 
of about 10 miles & then halted.

Jun 24. Marched in rear of our div. today 
as rear guard. Went through Charlestown, 
that memorial spot where old John Brown was 
hung. We have now stopped about 2 1/2 miles 
from Shepherdstown to bivouac for the night. 
Quiet pleasant.

Jun 25. Marched to Shepherdstown, forded the 
Potomac river & reached Maryland shore about 
8 OClock A.M. Continued our march through 
Sharpsburg & came to Tilghmanton & kept on 
till reached Hagerstown where we halted for 
the night.

Jun 26. Left Hagerstown & marched through 
Leitersburg and reached Franklin county 
Pensylvania about 3 OC P.M. Very pretty 
country but the citizens look sour at our 
secesh soldiers. Wet and rainy today.

Jun 27. Marched today by the following 
name towns 1stWaynesboro, 2ndDunoy, 3rd
Funkstown 4th Fayettsville & stopped at 
Greenwood for the night. Hard looking
crowd in this country, mostly dutch. 
Cloudy this afternoon.

Jun 28. Rested today at Greenwood. Went 
out in the town & got some cherries to
eat. Company inspection at 4 OC PM. 
Walked out this evening to view Greenwood,
Pa. Drank some lemonade this evening. 
Good news from Vicksburg.

Jun 29. Orders to march at 10 OC. 
Marched over the mountains, a distance 
of 10 miles & stopped near Cashtown to 
bivouac for the night. Rained some this
afternoon. We are camped at the foot of 
the mountains and can see a good part
of Pa.

Jun 30. Marched from Cashtown through 
New Salem down the road to support Gen.
Pettigrews brigade that went to drive 
the yankees from Gettysburg. Returned to
camp without firing a gun. Orders to 
remain in camp & keep our guns in order.

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