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11th N.Y. Cavalry
"Scott's 900"

Named "Scott's 900" in honor of Thomas A. Scott of Pennsylvania, the Assistant Sec. of War, and a friend of Col. Swain.
Smith, Thomas West. The Story of a Cavalry Regiment, "Scott's 900" - Eleventh New York Cavalry. Chicago: W.B. Conkey Publ., c1897.
This regimental history is available in its entirety online at
ACKERMAN, David R., Co. C
AUSTIN, Perry L., Co. M
BARKER, George H., Co. F
BARRETT, Benjamin A., Co. L
BARRETT, Thomas Townsend, Co. D
BEEBE, Junius, Co. B
BENNETT, George E., Co. E
BRIGGS, Samuel D., Co. M
BUCKINGHAM, William J., Co. H
BURGESS, Jefferson, Co. E
BYRNE, Patrick, Co. A
CAMPBELL, Alpheus W., Ass't Surgeon
CARR, Noah F., Co. C
CERNCROSS, Lewis E., Co. C
CUTTING, Thomas M., Co. M
DAGWELL, Geo. A., Co. C
DAGWELL, George A., Brevet Major
DAVIS, Charles H., Co. L
DAVIS, Charles H., Co. L
DAVIS, Franklin C., Sergt.-Major
DENNISON, George D., Regt. Com.
DEWEY, George J., Co. I
EASTMAN, Hiram D., Co. I
EASTMAN, James M., Co. F
ELLSWORTH, Horace D., Co. G
ELLSWORTH, Horace D., Major
ELTING, Henry D., Co. L
EVANS, Leroy, Co. C
FAULDS, James, Co. F
FLINT, Heman, Co. G
GAMMEL, Charles,. Co. B
GERO, Alexander, Jr., Co. K
GILLOREN, Richard, Co. B
HAIGHT, James H., Co. F
HALLOCK, Franklin B., Co. K
HAMLIN, James G., Co. C
HAMLIN, James G., Co. C
HARTER, Henry C., Co. G
HARTWELL, Melvin, Co. B
HASLAM, Henry B., Co. H
HERZOG, George, Co. B
HOLLAND, Henry, Co. F
HOLMES, Albert B., Co. B
HOWELL, Isaac, Co. E
HYATT, Joseph C., Co. E
HYLAND, Mathew C., Co. G
JEFFERY, John H., Co. I
JOHNSON, James, Co. F
JOHNSON, John N., Co. F
JONES, James E., Co. K
JONES, James E., Co. K
KAIN, James, Co. C
KENYON, Joseph C., Major
KIRTLAND, Albert B., Regt. Com.
LaROCK, James, Co. I
LEBER, Charles, Co. B
LEONARD, James Irving, Co. F
LEVI, Charles, Co. E
LEWIS, Frank A., Co. M
LEWIS, Frank A., Co. M
LINDSAY, William, Co. C
LINTON, George W., Co. H
LITTLEWORT, Richard J., Lieut. Co. I
LITTLEWORT, Richard J., Lieut. Co. I
MACK, Henry H., Sad. Sergt.
MARSDEN, John, Co. C
MAY, Charles A., Co. C
McCALLUM, Michael A., Co. F
McCALLUM, Michael A., Lieut.-Col.
McCLAIR, Charles W., Co. G
McCLERMONT, Robert, Co. A
McCLURE, John, Co. L
McDONALD, James S., Co. C
McDONALD, James S., Sergt.-Major
McDONALD, Thomas, Co. F
McKENZIE, James, Co. C
MEAD, George F., Co. C
MILLETT, Charles A., Co. E
MILLETT, Charles A., "R.C. Sergt."
MITCHELL, Thomas, Co. M
MOHR, Adam, Co. H
MONTGOMERY, William E., Co. L
MOONEY, John T., Co. G
MOORE, Orville, Co. I
MOUNT, James, Co. C
MOUNT, James, Co. C
NASH, John A., Co. C
NICHOLETTS, Gilbert A., Co. D
PARSONS, George S., Co. I
PAYNE, Franklin H., Co. I
PENNOYER, Orange A., Co. D
PERKINS, Albert, Co. B
PIKE, Warren B., Co. I
QUINN, John, Co. E
REMINGTON, S. Pierre, Major
REMINGTON, S. Pierre, Major
REYNOLDS, Thomas, Co. D
RICHARDSON, George W., Major
RICHARDSON, Geo. W., Major
RILEY, James, Co. F
ROBINSON, Carman A., Co. E
ROOT, Kins S., Co. E
RORK, George, Co. C
RORK, George, Sergt.-Maj.
ROSE, Joseph B., Co. L
ROSS, Richard, Co. B
SAWYER, Charles Carroll, Co. F
SAWYER, Charles Carroll, Co. F
SELLECK, Bradley H., Co. M
SKIDMORE, Frank L., Co. E
SLAUSON, William H., Co. I
SLAUSON, William H., Brevet Major
SMITH, George W., Major
SMITH, Joseph A., Co. C
SMITH, Joseph A., Co. C
SMITH, John Wesley, Co. F
SMITH, Thomas W., Co. F
SMITH, Thomas W., Co. F
SMITH, Thomas W., Reg. Historian
SMITYH, Webster N., Co. L
STANTON, Geo. L., Co. D
STEVENS, Enos H., Vet. Surgeon
STONE, David F.M., Co. E
STUART, John W., Co. L
SWAIN, Col. J.B. and Adjt. C.D.
SWAIN, Chellis D., Adjt.
TAFT, Winfield S., Co. F
THOMPSON, William F., Co. M
TISDALE, William H., Co. D
TULLY, Walter, Co. E
WADE, Tracy H., Co. C
WARD, John, Co. C
WATSON, James, Co. F
WHITE, John W., Jr., Co. G
WILKESON, Samuel H., Co. C
WILKESON, Samuel H., Lieut.-Col.
WISEWELL, Benjamin F., Co. F
WOOD, James R., Co. L
WOODWORTH, Marcus L., Co. M
YOUNG, James A., Co. F

KERWIN, Michael, Maj. 13th Penn. Cav.
Gen. A.L. Lee and Col. Landman and Officers
Brig.-Gen. A.J. Davis
Brig.-Gen. Benton and Staff

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