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George F. D'Utassy

George Frederick D'Utassy

November 6, 1827 - May 2, 1892

from The Columbus (Georgia) Daily Enquirer, May 6, 1892:

        WILMINGTON, DEL., May 5.--Gen. Geo.
      F. D'Utassy, of Baltimore, who was found
      unconscious in his room at the Hotel Wil-
      lis, this city, last Saturday morning from
      the effects of inhaling gas, died at the
      Delaware hospital this afternoon. He was
      unconscious all the time.  His wife,
      brother, and a business associate were with
      him at the time of his death.
        There now seems no doubt that the un-
      fortunate affair was an accident, and not
      an act of suicide. It is said for the de-
      ceased that his business affairs were in
      good shape, his family relations perfect,
      and that there were no troublesome mat-
      ters calculated to so prey upon his mind
      as to induce him to take his own life. The
      belief is that while up during the night he
      accidently turned on the gas and, falling
      asleep again before detecting the poison-
      ous air, was soon asphyxiated. His re-
      mains will be taken to Baltimore for inter-
        Gen. D'Utassy was a soldier of some re-
      nown, who saw service in the Crimean 
      war and was conspicuous in the war of
      the rebellion. He was sixty-five years old,
      and was a thirty-third degree Mason.

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